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Why The BlackBear Group?

What is/isn’t in a name?

As a marketer, one of my strengths, based on my experience and my creative bent is developing a company’s brand. It should be no less important to me than it would be for my clients that I try to create a “brand” that has a memorable name. While this is but one aspect of the branding experience it often is the basis for what follows (logo, vision, mission, color palate, content, web, etc.) Brands might reflect the business’ characteristics or literally explain who a company is; for example “The Keystone Marketing Group”. Or like an “Apple” or “Cisco”, simply pick a unique name and build the brand around it. The question is should be literal or figurative; concrete or abstract, new or traditional?

Well, believe it or not, when I first embarked on building my marketing consulting business in 2005, it was next to impossible to get that- ever so important .com – behind the name and have the business be self- explanatory. So, after multiple attempts, I gave in to the notion of being a “.net” entity. My luck with using “marketing” in my name wasn’t much better so I soon abandoned that direction and went for the memorableness thus The BlackBear Group, LLC was born.

I could bore you with the personal history behind using this name but suffice it to stay it was a family affair. There is no direct relationship to the characteristics of the black bear and my company name but hopefully the uniqueness of the name itself will allow people to remember us. More importantly, the name will remain synonymous with excellent service, a willingness to work in concert with the customer and a desire to help them do more, be better and grow their business BECAUSE they choose to make marketing a strategic part of their business. And hopefully, they chose The BlackBear Group to help them along the journey.


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  • Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation.

    -Milan Kundera
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