It’s Important to Pay Attention to Detail

We take good care of our car; changing the oil, getting tune-ups and checking the tire pressure. We take care of our health; getting annual check-ups, taking prescribed medications and hopefully exercising & eating healthy. But what about our businesses? When was the last time you took inventory of your businesses marketing materials? Your website? Your Brand? Are you using stale or outdated materials? Has your message, logo or contact information changed? Put yourself in the shoes of the prospects who might be searching for what you do or the services you offer. Are your happy with what these crucial marketing pieces say? Keeping your marketing materials up to date is critical to building creditability with your prospects. Current, fresh, and even designed to attract different target markets your marketing materials tell your prospects (and yes, even you current customers) that you are control of your business.

So, what can you do to create sustainability in your marketing materials? Creating, designing & printing these materials are expensive and you want to be able to use them for a long while.
First, let’s identify the most commonly used marketing materials. They include:
• Brochures m
• Business Cards
• Business Stationary
• Flyers
• Websites
• Voice Mail Greetings
• Newsletters
• Logo’s
• Power Point Presentations

Now here are a few “rules of the road” to extend the usefulness of the marketing materials mentioned above:
1. Never put dates on your materials (unless they are digital and can be updated). Use a numbering systems if you have collateral that may need updated frequently
2. Use current graphics and imagery , i.e. infographics, work clouds) and avoid overused photos
3. Be aware of the current technologies and be sure those you mention are operational
4. Avoid trendy words or catch phrases that can become outdated quickly.
5. Trademark or copyright items that are part of your corporate identify and use them consistently
6. Avoid flashy colors in either printed or digital materials

Ask yourself when was the last time you really looked at your marketing materials or revised them? They are a reflection of your brand. And while we all would like it if we could have a long shelf life for our materials to reap sufficient ROI and have them be multi-purposed, the world and the customers we serve are ever changing and will pass us by if we don’t take the time to review, refresh & revise the materials to keep them fresh and relevant.

  • Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation.

    -Milan Kundera
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