Public Relations and Social Media Work Better Together than Apart

Public Relations and Social Media Work Better Together than Apart
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We all know the importance of SEO in ranking your website on the first page when conducting a search but did you know that PR is an important influencer of SEO?

PR and social media are tactics that are ALL about creating and spreading awareness… and hopefully brand recognition and rankings. No longer can marketers afford to have them function in a siloed environment in the universe of marcom. Driving awareness and positive impressions relies on being top of mind, being present, and being FOUND!

To achieve the greatest degree of being found and heard from, both online & offline – we have to transition from the traditional ways we have thought about marketing in general. Strong marketing and performance requires coordinating across platforms at the highest level so traditional marketing (public relations & offline advertising) and digital marketing (SEO and social media) work in concert.

Outbound marketing, like PR, creates new demand and awareness. Inbound fulfills existing demand. The best “off-page SEO” methods have just been PR by other names. “Guest posts” are just bylined articles. “Content plus outreach” predates the Web. Asking anyone for links (link building is essentially a form of PR (Marketingprofs, 4/28/2016).

Integrating PR and SEO

Ironically, SEO and PR work together in many ways unknowingly.
• High-quality content helps earn links back to a brand’s website.
• Links from credible media sources rank high in Google’s algorithm leading to better search results
• The greater the media coverage the more links brand has back to its website
• Relationship between PR and “influencers” results in more links from blog posts and social media, thus increasing SEO.

The integration between SEO and PR is even stronger when executed in a strategic manner so it’s tantamount to align goals across PR, SEO and all other marketing functions. PR and SEO aren’t standalone marketing functions. Integrated messaging requires PR and SEO to work together to achieve the desired goals. Having PR and SEO under one structure reaches greater audiences and achieves greater results in today’s digitally driven world.

  • Your brand is formed primarily, not by what your company says about itself, but what the company does.

    - Jeff Bezos
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